I'm Comin' Home

by Douglas Kew

Released 02/08/2016
Released 02/08/2016
Soft rock, bluesy, intimate, Easter Song.

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I'm Comin' Home
Music, words, and arrangements by Douglas Kew


DOUGLAS KEW - Lead vocals, backing vocals,
drums, percussion, piano, rhythm guitar.

PATRICIA LYNN KEW - Backing vocals, bass guitar.

DARKWATER CHORAL - backing vocals.

Recorded at MERLIN STUDIO and ISSPSERVICE in Ladysmith, B.C.
Recording engineer -: IAN STEWART
Mixing and mastering -: IAN STEWART Ian@isspservice.ca

It is all about the song.
I realize that loads of songs are released every day and most go unnoticed, like grains of sand on the beach, even so, I think this grain of sand is better on the beach than hiding in my back pocket.

This song was inspired by the journey of Jesus Christ, a tour of duty in an alien place, amongst extreme hostility. One of my favourite phrases is "no good deed goes unpunished", and many parallels, ancient and modern, can be drawn from the lyrics.
Your interest and support mean a lot me, for without you, the tree falls silently.
Thank you.

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